Agrément CIR

CIR approval

Réseau européen

A European network of partners
(universities, research laboratories, technology developers)

Plateforme de recherche

Research platforms available

Anticipate technological developments for optimal optimization

The primary objective of our R&D activities is to anticipate technological developments as much as possible and to support you in making the most of your facilities.

A network of supporting partners

In order to provide you with a comprehensive response in order to carry out proof of concepts of innovative processes and to give you access to the latest available technologies, we rely on a network of public-private partners (design offices, technology developers, scientific laboratories and academic entities).

Founder of a certification platform for biomass valorization technologies

Founding member of the Certimétha platform based a few kilometers from Troyes (France), we are at the side of our customers for everything related to the energetic and agronomic valorization of organic biomass.