Résultats rapides

Analysis results on the day of receipt of the samples

Tests BMP

Regular follow-up (7/7)

Logistique assurée

Logistics provided

A regular follow-up adapted to your needs

The support we offer allows you to:

  • secure your investments to be sure to reach your profitability thresholds
  • Optimize the cost of materials and maintenance
  • Gain production days in the start-up phase
  • Always be at the highest level of biogas production
  • Act quickly to avoid a production shutdown due to an incident
  • Protect your installation against rapid deterioration

Biological/analytical monitoring packs for sites in operation

We offer you packages in the form of one-off, monthly or annual contracts allowing you to analyze the following elements

  • Dry, organic and mineral matter
  • pH
  • Sallinity (conductivity)